CIG attended the Geneva cultural education industry lunch

On December 10, 2023, CIG Director Jun CHU and Principal Zhimin SUN were honored to participate in the luncheon hosted by Mr. Alfonso Gomez, the mayor of Geneva, along with 21 industry representatives.

The prestigious luncheon took place at the renowned Villa de la Grange in Geneva. 

This villa and its surrounding park were generously donated to the city of Geneva in 1917 by the last owner, Mr. William Favre. The interior is adorned with rich antiques, including ancient books, oil paintings, sculptures, and marble tables. Apart from the public park and theater, the villa has maintained an air of mystery. On June 16, 2021, it became the historic venue for the meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin.

The banquet unfolded in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

It’s worth noting that the day also marked Geneva’s celebration of the Festival of the Escalade, commemorating the historical event of Geneva successfully resisting French invasion in 1602. One of the celebratory activities involves breaking a chocolate symbolizing a cauldron. After lunch, the mayor personally shattered a large chocolate cauldron, sharing this traditional ceremony with the attendees.

Participants eagerly signed the guestbook, documenting this momentous occasion.   

The CIG representatives also brought the Chinese mascot for the Year of the Dragon, expressing CIG’s respect and blessings to the mayor. This luncheon was not only a significant industry exchange but also a testament to cultural integration and friendships. We look forward to achieving further cooperation and development in the cultural and educational fields in Geneva in the future.

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